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Куплю Picture Polish, a-England, Cadillacquer, NCLA, Colors by Llarowe, Cirque, MoYou London

Девочки, добрый день!
Очень ищу следующие лаки:

a-England Gloriana, Anne Boleyn, Anne Of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Jane Seymour, Katherine Of Aragon, Sir Loyal Heart, The Most Happy, Holy Grail

Picture Polish: Arabian, Unicorn, Tasha, Cozy, Dragon, Dream, Candy, Gothic, Clouds, Shocked, Winter, Sisters, 2001, Citrus, Cosmos, Forest, Foxy, Macaron, Mellow Yellow, Marine, Merge, Minty, Mythical, Posey, Riviera, Sky, Story, Embrace, White Wedding, Whimsy

NCLA: Printed My Own Hall Pass, Cancer, Champagne Bubble Bath, Cancer, Virgo, Aries, Scorpio

Colors By Llarowe: Regal, The Mighty Red Baron, Pirates Of Penzance, Madame Vastra, Hearts On Fire, Connie,You Saucy Minx, Mermaids In Maul, Topaz Fire, Bikinis & Flip Flops, 5 Rose Gold Rings, A Part Of The Big Apple, Ain't Nobody Leaving Till We Sing The Blues, Blue Skies, Davros, Did You Know You're My Hero, Emerald Isle, Enchanted Forest, Fire to the Rain, Guardian of the Forest, Healing Waters, Hey Romeo, High School Was Rough Man, Hot Buttered Rum, If You Dare, Independence Day, Lilac Petals, Lotus, Love Me Some Blurple!, Love,Actually, My Big Girl Panties, Out Of The darkness, Pine Boughs, Pink Lady, Pool Partay!, Prissy Little Thang, Rare Orchid, Ray Of Sunshine, Royalty, Ruel Ghorm, Summer Lovin', The Bluest Eyes In Texas, The Heart Bleeds, The Journey Begins, Turq'D, Twinkling Lights, What's Your Dream, Who Needs Love, You Sexy Thing, You're a Little Firecracker

Cirque: Storm King, Paraiba, Mint Chip, Hatch, Jane On Jane St, Don't Forget The Cannoli, Deco, Concrete Jungle, Carpe Diem, Bond St, Astra, Acid Wash, AU, Sartorial, Central Park After Dark, Concord, Doyers, La Vie Boheme, McKittrick, Midnight Cowboy, Page Six, QT Kitty, Rhapsody In Blue, Tavern On The Teal, Whitney, Vaporwave

Cadillacquer: Valhalla, Anna, Ataraxy, Darth Vader, Electron, Elves, Embrace The Madness, Equilibrium, Flickering Lights, Footsteps Fleeing Into Silence, Ghost, His Broken Heart, I Only Miss Her When I'm Breathing, Positron, Sent I November, Shameless, Strangers On A Train, The Fire Trials, Like Dogs Chasing Cars, The F Word, A Night To Remem...Wait, What?

Также ищу плитки для стемпинга MoYou (рассмотрю разные, но в оновном это коллекции Tumbler Girl, Tropical, Suki, Steampunk, Scandi, Sailor, Literature, Festive, Flower Power, Circus) и сушку Seche Vite в полноразмерной бутылочке

Рассматриваю обмен на лаки из поста: https://nail-sale.livejournal.com/4468702.html
Tags: 1-куплю, 2-обменяю, 3-стемпинг, город Москва, марка A-England, марка Cadillacquer, марка Cirque, марка Colors by Llarowe, марка MoYou, марка NCLA, марка Picture Polish

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